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Cat Paintings – Pictures Of Cats In Pastel
Pet Paintings And Portraits

On this page you will find a gallery of cat paintings made in pastels. Drawing cats in pastels is one of my specialty. A good photograph of your cat is all that is required to do a great pet portrait that you will love and cherish for many years. If you are interested in having a painting of your cat, please Contact me. A painting of your beloved cat is a priceless souvenir of your friendship between you and your pet.

Photographs just can´t do justice to our loyal, beloved pets. That´s why I can offer affordable cat portraits drawn from your favorite photo.

Your cat is part of the family. They give you the unconditional love that only an animal can give. They´re loyal, loving, forgiving, sensitive, and they´re always there when you need a friend. The memories you share with a pet are among the most precious you will ever make.

Pet portraits of your cats are made from your photos which will be returned to you. All paintings and drawings are in pastel.

All cat portraits come with a money back guarantee.

‘Frankie’ – 10 x 14inch pastel portrait.

18×14″ Pastel Portrait
16×12″ Pastel Portrait – An unusual cat!
‘Winnie & Wellie’
18×14″ Pastel Portrait composed using two separate photographs of the cats.
Price of a similar portrait – £200

Pet Portrait captures the beauty, sweetness, and personality of your special companion in lifelike detail the way only a true work of art can. Nick can create a true-to-life portrait drawn of your beloved best friend, ensuring that you always remember that favorite moment or classic animal expression. These beautiful pet portraits are custom-drawn from your favorite photo by animal artist Nick J. Davies.

You can also order Gift Tokens for that last minute gift!

Learn how you can order a portrait of your pet.

cat portrait is a wonderful keepsake of your pet for you to cherish forever. They also make a thoughtful, unique gift for anyone who loves their cat as much as you do.

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